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A great way to wrap your lips around our tasty beverages!

LoDo Super Low Alcohol Lager

For when you want a beer, but not the aftermath!
A light bodied, crisp, easy to drink lager, with plenty of malty goodness, and just enough hoppy aroma so you can enjoy a few. And maybe a few more!

Brewed with Lawson springwater
Contains barley, hops, yeast and water.

375ml can

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Tropical Holiday - 3.5%

Bright, light, hazy and hoppy!
Brewed with rice and barley for a super light refreshing, easy to drink body, then loaded up with loads of Galaxy® and El Dorado® hops for that hoppy hit!
Contains rice, barley, and hops Brewed with Lawson spring water

375ml cans

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Dark Oracle - Belgian Dark Strong Ale - 8.9%

Let the darkness reveal your fate!
Or just kick back by the campfire and enjoy this decadent, smooth, rich Belgian beer, filled with caramel flavours and notes of fig, dates and dried fruit. A perfect winter warmer.

Brewed with Lawson springwater

375ml Can

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Dubbeltje - 6.4%

The good old Belgian Dubbel!
A full bodied, rich ale, brewed with traditional Belgian yeast to bring out those lovely banana and spice flavours. The ‘tje’ is used at the end of a word in Dutch, to denote something as cute, or small! But this Dubbel is anything but small! Enjoy.
Brewed with Lawson springwater

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